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Road Freight

Reus Logistics B.V.

Road freight


At Reus Logistics B.V. we work every day to offer you the punctuality and service you have always wanted in your shipments, helping you to choose the most appropriate means of transport for your goods and to meet the agreed dates.

Types of Road Freight Services:

In the road transport modality, we carry out operations with almost any type of goods, both for companies and for the end customer.

  • Special cargo transport of oversized goods.
  • Transport of chemical products and dangerous goods (ADR).
  • Transport of temperature-controlled goods in refrigerated trucks.
  • Transport of liquids or powders in tanks.
  • Road – Rail intermodal transport.
  • Road – Sea intermodal transport.
  • Partial LTL transport in consignments or half loads.
  • Groupage of industrial parcels, pallets or non-palletised goods.
  • Transport of industrial waste.
  • Transport of bulk goods.
  • Express service for urgent shipments.

Transport of Special Cargo

Heavy or oversized cargo requires the availability of suitable transport to transport it, whether it is machinery, industrial or construction elements.

Normally, in this circumstance it is essential to use special machinery for handling, loading and unloading, such as large tonnage machinery or cranes.

At Reus Logistics B.V. we have qualified personnel, the relevant authorisations and the best vehicles for this service.


Transport of Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous cargo or ADR transport represents another level in terms of the safety and precautionary measures that must be taken.

In addition, specific licences and authorisations are required for each transport and a number of specific documents and forms must be completed per operation.

This is because chemicals and hazardous materials pose a very high risk factor to the environment and human safety. For these reasons, the importance of this type of transport should not be underestimated.

However, at Reus Logistics B.V. we know how to transport and operate with dangerous goods, either by rail or by lorry across the roads to guarantee shipments covered by the ADR agreement.

Transport of Bulk Cargo

is the transport of a large volume of goods without prior palletising, packing or packaging.

This means of road transport requires a special trailer, whether it is a tub, a moving floor or a tank, in order to transport the goods and minimise their loss.

In this case, the correct tools must be used to handle the cargo, especially if it belongs to the branch of goods that are harmful to health.


Advantages of Road Freight Transport

Road haulage has a number of advantages for the customer over other types of transport, among which we can highlight:

The most economical transport in the sector

Road transport is the cheapest option for the transfer of goods over short and medium distances compared to air or sea transport. This is because it does not require specific infrastructures to reach its destination (such as a port or airport). Of course, this is reflected in the final price.

Great Flexibility

This type of transport stands out for its capacity to move both heavy and light loads, and is also preferred for moving foodstuffs (perishable products) that need to be delivered quickly to any city, province or town.

Cargo protection

Although road transport covers the shipment of practically all types of products or goods, whether light or heavy vehicles, foodstuffs, hydrocarbons or hazardous materials, a series of safety regulations are always followed to the letter to support the protection of the cargo according to its type, including the responsibility of the driver in charge of its transport.

Tracking of goods

A feature shared by most logistics companies is the GPS geolocation of their vehicles. At Reus Logistics B.V. we apply this feature to our shipments to ensure the safety of road transport. In this way we are able to observe the inconveniences related to traffic factors and thus be able to forecast delays.

Door-to-door delivery

From the moment the goods leave one of our warehouses or from the point of origin, to the door of the consignee, without having to use more than one different vehicle.

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